Classroom Visit to Tri-County 10th Graders

The week after my 3rd grade classroom visit, I had the opportunity to share my conference experience with the 10th grade English class at Tri-County. 

During my time in their classroom, I covered the notes I took at the SCBWI conference and introduced them to what SCBWI is and why it’s beneficial.  

With my presentation, I wanted to let the students know that having a career in the creative arts is possible, and that making a living can be a reality.  The issue is that we just don’t see that demonstrated very often in a rural area.  I encouraged them to look into grant options from the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council, which can assist in training and projects.

My two recent classroom visits were such a great experience.  I love connecting with young people and encouraging them to follow their creative dreams.  I’m looking forward to more classroom visits this school year!

This activity was made possible in part by a grant from the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council through funding from The McKnight Foundation.

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